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By and large, liberals are very decent, kind, and compassionate people who genuinely want what is best. This should be kept in mind as we explore the Law of Unintended Negative Consequences near invariably resulting from Leftist big-hearted solutions to societal problems.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Same-Sex Marriage--Degraded Traditional Marriage

All the extensive and passionate advocacy for same-sex marriage has given the impression that marriage is a highly valued and cherished institution by the Left and gays, and that they wish it to be elevated in stature, rather than degraded. (See HERE)

However, when the definition of a word is diluted and bastardize, it is reasonable to expect that its value and meaningfulness to society and in the law would be diluted as well.

This is certainly true for the word "marriage" following the public and court debates and legalization of "same-sex marriage." (See HERE and HERE)

Not only was the definition diluted by including relationships that had previously been implicitly excluded (the more inclusive the definition the less prized the word), but its value and meaningfulness was unavoidably diminished and further tainted by linking it to behaviors that were once considered morally reprehensible, criminal in many states, and "are scientifically and objectively proven to be destructive." (See HERE and HERE)

And, as indicated in previous posts, the word "marriage" wasn't the only casualty of legalized gay marriage. Other words, like "committed" and "fidelity" and "monogamy" have also somewhat fallen prey

By legalizing same-sex marriage and altering other marital and moral terms, the fundamental institution of society has subsequently lost some of its appeal and virtue and moral impetus. Dennis Prager wisely asks: "why do we so rashly overturn an institution that has served our society so well for thousands of years?" (See HERE)

For an explanation as to why these same-sex marriage Leftist LUNCs have happened, see: The politics of Victimization, Compassion, Equality, Emotions, Bullying, Propaganda and Disinformation. [the unlinked topics will be posted later as they are completed] 

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