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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Same-Sex Marriage--House Divided

Russia has long been greatly admired and respected in the U.S. by the Left.

This is because, in part, Russia is where socialism or left-wing thinking began and matured. Symbolically, Russia is the "father land" to its leftist offspring in America.

However, recently there has developed a rift within the liberal family between Eastern parents and Western teens, so to speak.

No, the domestic quarrel doesn't consist of the Left in the U.S. protesting Russia regarding what the International Labor Organization considers the "third most popular problem in the world"--i.e child trafficking/slavery, though Russia has criticized the U.S. for neglecting its sizable troubles in this regard. (See HERE)

No, the quarrel isn't over the continuing substantial, and at times fatal threat of organized crime in Russia. (See HERE and HERE)

Nor is it over the enormous health crisis in Russia caused by one of the most popular demons of liberals in the U.S.--i.e. cigarettes. (See HERE)

It isn't even over important foreign policy differences between Russia and the Obama administration, which could pose a threat to our national security. (See HERE and HERE)

None of these presumably vital international issues has stirred the ire of the U.S. democrats enough to ignite their activist machines, and mobilize them to demonstrate, boycott, and engage is various other forms of public outcry.

So, what has got the liberals in the U.S. hopping mad at Russia? is Russia's law against "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations." Essentially, liberal Americans are outraged because Russia wont allow gay pride parades during the Olympics, and won't let homosexuals proselytize their deleterious sexual behavior to Russian youth. Evidently, the Left in the U.S. doesn't approve of Russia's effort to prevent, to some extent, sexual exploitation of children.

The Leftist LUNCs here, then, is not only the liberal family feud, but also the U.S. Left's upside-down preference of aberrant adult sexuality over child health and protection, if not also the physical and moral survival of a nation.

Seems the Left in the U.S. are intent on exporting their LUNC-ish and devolutionary agendas to Russia, as if Russia doesn't already have enough problems of its own.

Be that as it may, in response to the Russian law banning gay propagandizing in public, liberal Americans have already begun unwarrantably brandishing the shrill label of "homophobic" (see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE), and employed the canard of "guilt-by-association" against conservatives (see HERE and HERE), victimologically ramped up reporting selective accounts of violence against gays (see HERE and HERE and HERE), while conveniently ignoring the greater prevalence of gay domestic violence here and abroad (see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE), and are calling for boycotts of Russian products and the 2014 Olympics in Shoshi, Russia (see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and  HERE).

In short, the liberal and gay propaganda industries in the West have been fired up to full blast in rebellion against their parents in the East.

In Russia's own defense, Rush Limbaugh reported the following on his radio program:

''Three months before Russia’s parliament unanimously passed a federal law banning the propaganda of 'non-traditional relationships' -- that is, same-sex ones -- the bill’s sponsor went on the country’s most respected interview show to explain her reasoning. 'Analyzing all the circumstances, and the particularity of territorial Russia and her survival…I came to the conclusion that if today we want to resolve the demographic crisis, we need to, excuse me, tighten the belt on certain moral values and information, so that giving birth and raising children become fully valued.'  This is a Russian female lawmaker by the name of Yelena Mizulina.  And she told this to our old buddy Vladimir Posner.,,,

"Mizulina heads the Duma’s committee for family, women, and children and has become the stern face of Russia’s campaign against gays. But she would never call it that. Russia’s new laws -- banning same-sex foreign couples from adopting Russian children in addition to banning LGBT advocacy -- are part of the country’s very search for survival, according to her.

"'On the one hand, there’s its physical survival -- Russia’s birthrate plummeted in the wake of the Soviet collapse and encouraging baby-making (through government grants as well as rhetoric) has been one of Vladimir Putin’s hallmarks. And then there’s its moral survival; if Russia is to survive as Russia it needs to reject the corrupting influences of the West." And so this is why there is a ban on homosexuals in the Olympics in Russia next year.  (See HERE)

For an explanation as to why these same-sex marriage Leftist LUNCs have happened, see: The politics of Victimization, Compassion, Equality, Emotions, Bullying, Propaganda and Disinformation. [the unlinked topics will be posted later as they are completed]

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